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Nutritionist & Food Science EXPERT

Ankit Sharma (ISSA Certified)

Until you get your nutrition right, nothing will change

My approach is holistic and customized to enable you to achieve true wellness – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Success Stories

I have never been a gym fan but I found myself with only 6 weeks to our wedding unhappy with my appearance.

I found Ankit Sharma to be really professional and knowledgeable, not just about exercise and fitness but also about posture and nutrition.

Ankit organized a clean eating plan for me and a focused workout to ensure that I got the best results from our twice-weekly sessions. He was very encouraging and mixed up the routine each time so there was variation. Regular weigh-ins and measurements kept me on track and focused.

Ritika Tyagi

At my initial consultation I told Ankit that I wanted to lose weight, tone up and most importantly feel good.Since I started diet suggested by Ankit Sharma I’ve lost 15kg, 6% body fat and 25 inches and I feel amazing. My energy levels have increased, I have had a mobility issue with my knee, which has improved greatly and I have a new found confidence, where I now enjoy clothes shopping and socialising more.

I cannot imagine a time where I no longer attend these sessions as they have changed my attitude towards food and exercise and above all, how I feel about myself.


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